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P-MODEL - "論理空軍"

塀へ 塀へ 一瞬脳裏のクラッシュは

夢に見た 再生の空 再会の空

壁へ 壁へ 一瞬恐怖の連想の

夢に見た 再生の日へ 再会の日へ

夢に見た 再生の日へ 再会の日へ

CAN DOで3分前のニューロンには爆撃を
灰へ 灰へ 一瞬背後でクラッシュは
再生コードはCAN DOで

夢に見た 再生の地へ 再会の地へ

P-MODEL - "Ronri Kuugun"
UNDO de sunpun mae no kako wo choukesu hikouki de
Nanman no kouro o akete demukaeru sufia o ike
Hei e hei e isshun nouri no kurasshu wa
Anju no genei o shoukyo shi
Waikyoku no ruuto de hei kesu

Yume ni mita saisei no sora saikai no sora

REDO de nanzenkai de mo kokoromiru misairu de
Nanman no tsuuro wo tojite ikaku suru kage o ute
Kabe e kabe e isshun kyoufu no rensou no
Torasshu na gensou o kawashi
Itsudatsu no tasuku de kabe kesu

Yume ni mita saisei no hi e saikai no hi e

Yume ni mita saisei no hi e saikai no hi e

CAN DO de sanpun mae no nyuuron ni bakugeki o
Nanman no chansu o tojite hirugaeru hata o yake
Hai e hai e isshun haigo de kurasshu wa
Meitei no teikoku o shoukyo shi
Saisei koodo wa CAN DO de

Yume ni mita saisei no chi e saikai no chi e

P-MODEL - "Logic Airforce"

In an airplane that uses "UNDO" to overwrite the last few moments of the past
Open up tens of thousands of new routes and fly over the sphere that greets you there
Toward the barrier, toward the barrier The momentary crash of the brain
Destroys the illusion of living in peace
And erases the barrier on the route of distortion

The sky of rebirth, the sky of reunion that I saw in my dreams

With missiles that can be tested thousands of times using "REDO"
Close tens of thousands of pathways and shoot the menacing shadow
Toward the wall, toward the wall Take on the trashed illusion
That momentarily reminds you of fear
And with an errant task erase that wall

Toward the day of rebirth, the day of reunion that I saw in my dreams

Toward the day of rebirth, the day of reunion that I saw in my dreams

Using "CAN DO," bomb the neurons from three minutes ago
Close off tens of thousands of opportunities and burn the fluttering flag
To ashes, to ashes The momentary crash in the background
Destroys the empire of intoxication
The code for rebirth is "CAN DO"

To the land of rebirth, the land of reunion that I saw in my dreams

Notes: - UNDO and REDO are obviously common computer commands. CAN DO is a nice play on words since it sounds like a command, too. But (according to the Music Industrial Wastes Amiga Terminology Glossary) "CanDo" is also an application authoring software created by Inovatronics for Amiga computers (which Mr. Hirasawa loves). Apparently the program lets even people with no experience make applications, choreographic music and graphics, improve the performance of other programs, etc.

- The word for "rebirth" throughout the song can also be used to mean "replay" or "play (a sound recording, etc.)" depending on the context.

- The word 塀, which I translated as "barrier" in the first verse, means "wall" or "fence," generally a barrier that surrounds something else, like the wall of a compound. I get a more defensive feeling out of this "barrier." However, the second verse uses 壁, which generally means "wall" (like the wall of your house) or "barrier" in the sense of a figurative obstacle. So I used "wall" as the translation in the second verse to distinguish it from the "defensive wall" in the first.