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Hirasawa Susumu (Unofficial) Lyrics & Other Sundry Translations

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Name:Phonon Belt

Susumu Hirasawa is love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this journal?

This journal is dedicated to Japanese musician Hirasawa Susumu (平沢進) and his various music projects, including P-Model. Check out Mr. Hirasawa's official website to purchase his music and to download free samples from his various albums.

What do you post here?

You will find here my own personal attempts at translating and/or interpreting Mr. Hirasawa's lyrics. Translating his lyrics is not easy for a non-native Japanese speaker, since Mr. Hirasawa uses beautiful but complex vocabulary and grammar to paint vivid pictures of exotic worlds. I also translate other things (old blog posts, etc.) that he's written.

Are you Japanese?

No. I am not a native speaker of Japanese, either, but I have studied Japanese language and culture for nearly 10 years. I also worked in Japan as a translator for a couple of years. This journal is one way for me to continue brushing up my Japanese skills now that I am not in Japan. But please accept that I will make mistakes, write awkward sentences, or simply interpret the same words differently than you do sometimes. I'm not perfect. ;)

Someone else has translated some of these songs, you know!

Since I am translating these songs for my own personal use anyway, I thought I would share my efforts here. You will find other translations on the internet, too, though as far as I know there are no official translations from Mr. Hirasawa himself. His lyrics are very much open to interpretation. In fact, the interpretation of his songs is a matter of fun and vigorous debate among his Japanese fans, too, so you can only imagine how much harder it is for other fans to figure out what his songs might mean!

So please don't think my own translations are an attack on those of others--these translations are simply my interpretation! And the more translations we have, the better, right?

Can I use your translations elsewhere?

Please feel free to link to these translations or repost with proper credit. But please don't claim my translations as your own. (You are obviously free to do your own translations, though.)
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