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I can never decide if I love OLD P-Model songs because of their own inherent qualities or because the contrast with later P-Model/Hirasawa is so interesting. "Sunshine City" is a nice punk-ish song, with music by Tanaka and lyrics by Mr. Hirasawa's own older brother. :)

Incidentally, the song "Sunshine City" is from a 1979 album. In 1978, the Sunshine City area of Tokyo opened up--a very visible symbol of Japan's economic booms in the 1960s and 1970s. Moreover, (as noted in the comments on the LJ version of this post) it was built on the former site of Sugamo Prison, which housed first political prisoners of the Japanese and later war criminals arrested by the Allied Occupation. WELL THEN.

P-Model -「サンシャイン・シティー」
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P-Model - "Sanshain Shitii"
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P-Model - "Sunshine City"
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I can't find the lyrics for P-Model's "Sophisticated" (which happen to be in English), so I am going to write down what I hear. (Corrections are always welcome.) This song is awesome, both for it's extremely socially critical content and the GLORIOUS little electronic blips and squeaks and clicks, which are particularly awesome when you listen to this song with headphones.

P-Model - "Sophisticated"

Sophisticated, the supermarket
Sophisticated, the apartment
Sophisticated, the fried chicken*
Sophisticated, the make-up hanging up

Sophisticated, the speaking thinking
Sophisticated, the masturbation
Sophisticated, the Japanese girls
Sophisticated, the Japanese boys

Sophisticated  television image
Sophisticated, the school boys' deaths**
Sophisticated, the music play
Sophisticated, the foreign language song

(repeat all)

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