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Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy and have a cold. ;_;

This song came up in a meme I did recently elsewhere, and so I decided to translate it. I find this song pretty relaxing and good for going on a walk, what with the steady beat, the random electric noise in the background, the gently flowing lyrics interrupted only by the oddly cute "ha ha ha ha" lines that sound like "bwabwa bwabwa".

But as for the lyrics: this song is essentially a ghost story with intriguing Buddhist nuances. (Be sure to check out the translation notes below!)

平沢進 -「人体夜行」
Japanese lyrics. )

Romaji lyrics. )

Hirasawa Susumu - "Night Walking Wearing the Human Body"
My English translation. )

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This song sounds like it's about trying to achieve light-speed space travel or time travel, but who knows. ^_^ I love the angry voice that yells at the travelers from space.

平沢進 - "Mirror Gate"
Japanese lyrics )

Romaji lyrics )

Hirasawa Susumu - "Mirror Gate"
Attempted English Translation )

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Since I named this blog "音の帯〜Phonon Belt," I figured it was about time to translate the song from which I took that title. It's one of my favorites, obviously.

平沢進 - "Phonon Belt"

Japanese lyrics )

Romaji lyrics )

Hirasawa Susumu - "Phonon Belt"
English translation )

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A note about the title: the English title from the website is "Royal Road, Paradise," which comes from splitting up the Japanese title into its parts, "王道" (royal road) and "楽土" (paradise). But taken as a whole, the phrase "王道楽土" can mean something like "Arcadia" (in the utopian sense). Interestingly, the phrase was a concept Imperial Japan used when it set up the puppet state Manchukuo in the 1930s. Read more... ) While this song is probably not specifically about Manchukuo, the title and the idea of a ruler fleeing as his country falls apart may well be an allusion to it. Just a thought.

平沢進 - "王道楽土"

Japanese lyrics )

Hirasawa Susumu - "Oudou Rakudo"
Romaji lyrics )

Hirasawa Susumu - "Royal Road, Paradise"

Rough English translation. )