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A conversation with another Hirasawa fan the other day made me wonder if I should include the romanization of the lyrics I post here so that people who can't read kanji/kana can sing along or appreciate the sounds of the Japanese lyrics better. It's not that much more work for me, but I just hadn't thought of doing it. ^^;

Another thing I've been pondering is translating a few interesting excerpts from Mr. Hirasawa's blog and such. I wouldn't want to post entire blog posts for various reasons, though.

Finally, it seems that there are other fans wondering about Mr. Hirasawa's long-standing interest and advocacy on behalf of transexual/transgender people, particularly those in Thailand. I know I looked for English info about this a while ago but didn't find all that much. But he himself talks about these issues quite a bit in his blog, his videos, etc. He's discussed things like the economic hardships of transexual people in Thailand, violent attacks friends of his have faced, his own personal sexuality and gender expression, the hilarious hijinks he's had in Thailand, etc. I'm personally very interested in gender studies and the like, so to me that's all very fascinating, but I'm wondering if people would actually care to read what I've gleaned from Mr. Hirasawa's public statements about these matters. ^^

So, if you happen to read this, I would be grateful if you would respond to the following questions:

1. Would you like to see the romanizations (pronunciation guides) for lyrics on this blog?

2. Would you like to see some blog excerpt translations?

3. Would you like to read about Mr. Hirasawa's views of transgender people in Thailand?

4. Do you have any other suggestions for this little translation blog? :)