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So I was listening to "平沢進のテクノ実験工房" ("Hirasawa's Techno Experiment Workshop"?), an old radio show Mr. Hirasawa did on FM Gunma in 1994-1995. (If you understand Japanese, you can listen to the show on NicoNico.) In episode 7, he describes the Super Jam software that he uses on his Amiga computer(s), which can be used (among other things) to have the computer automatically compose a unique piece of music in a variety of styles. Although I don't understand exactly what the process entailed, Mr. Hirasawa apparently input a bunch of his song data into the computer and then tweaked the software so that it would generate music in the "Hirasawa-style." On the radio show, he then played a song he claims was arranged by the computer using this method. To my surprise, it was "Take the Wheel"! I would never have guessed that this cool song was arranged by a random computer program! But I guess a computer that's been fed only Hirasawa music and then brainwashed in the Hirasawa style will eventually create something that Hirasawa likes and wants to use. Pretty cool.

平沢進 - "舵をとれ"
Japanese lyrics. )

Hirasawa Susumu - "Kaji o Tore
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Hirasawa Susumu - "Take the Wheel"

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