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2011-08-04 02:38 pm

Twitter in Translation: Has Twitter Outlived its Purpose? Edition

Today, Mr. Hirasawa brought up the idea of making his Twitter account private, so that only people he allows to will be able to read it. It sounds like he's investigating whether he can make his account private or whether he'd have to make a new account altogether, and what a "locked" account entails.

In response to the general cry of despair and questions about what prompted this desire for privacy, he wrote: about how having 50,000 followers makes him uncomfortable, and how he hates people taking his words out of context. )


I am not sure what he's referring to. Was there some particular incident that brought all this up? Is he simply tired of people making fun of him or taking him out of context on NicoNico or Youtube or Twitter or 2ch or Pixiv or blogs? He's a public persona and does get talked about a lot.

These statements also made me wonder whether I should keep translating Mr. Hirasawa's tweets here. Read more... )

If he does make his account private, I will not publicly translate his tweets anymore.

I think I will try to translate more of his older tweets, but take more care to make sure that the risk of something being taken out of context is minimized. Perhaps friends-locking those translations would be one step I could take.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, I would really appreciate your input.
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2011-06-12 04:59 pm

Twitter in Translation: Working Hard Edition

Today I'm bringing you a fairly random selection of tweets in which Mr. Hirasawa complains about work and distracts himself by teasing his Twitter followers, whom (as you know) he affectionately refers to as "horse bones" (meaning "nobodies").

Being a musician must be hard. )

I'm not sure what it says about me that I find this entertaining. ♥
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2011-06-11 09:53 pm

Twitter in Translation: Arson Edition

Mr. Hirasawa will on occasion use Twitter to recommend a friend's album or business or whatever. And sometimes he will talk about other members of P-Model.

And sometimes this is the result: It began relatively peacefully. )

OH HO HO. The recording industry takes another hit!
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2011-05-17 03:22 pm

Twitter in Translation - Japanese 101 Edition (with today's hot-off-the-press tweets!)

Today I nearly lost it when I was reading Twitter. You may recall that I translated some old tweets by Mr. Hirasawa about his vegetarian diet and the names he gives his meals. TODAY HE TWEETED ABOUT HIS FOOD SPECIFICALLY FOR NON-JAPANESE READERS. I thought I'd share, as it's already quite thrilling to be mocked as a regular "horse bone/nobody" on his Twitter and rather rare to be lovingly mocked as a foreign fan.♥

The first tweets are written in only hiragana (instead of the usual mix of various kana and kanji that's typical for Japanese). You can see it in the quotations below, but this makes the text look very simple, like that of a children's book or the intro lessons of a beginning Japanese class. He also uses a different greeting from his usual "Good day," so everything is slightly off.

He writes: Read more... )

At least he's being productive. And that mysterious side of him only improves his reputation as an artist, I guarantee it. :)
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2011-05-09 02:27 pm

Twitter in Translation - The Legend of Hirasawa Yui

Today I'd like to present you translations of a selection of legendary tweets connecting Mr. Hirasawa to the character Hirasawa Yui from the manga/anime K-On!. (Incidentally, the characters in K-On! have last names derived from those of P-Model members and other musicians.) This Twitter incident also serves as a prime example of TsunderesawaHirasawa's (supposed) love/hate relationship with Twitter.

I am not Hirasawa Yui. )

For some reason I am most amused by his warning that if you follow him on Twitter you'll lose friends. What.
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2011-05-01 07:28 pm

Twitter in Translation - Brainwashing 1.0 Edition

As previously mentioned, Mr. Hirasawa likes reporting on his food and drinking habits on Twitter. For a while it was normal to see his daily tweets about his ginger tea or whatever.

BUT THEN--Read more... )
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2011-04-26 12:27 am

Twitter in Translation - Now with Hole Digging

Last time on "Twitter in Translation," we learned that Mr. Hirasawa's simple meals are (for some reason) sometimes jokingly referred to as "kasu," which I've been translating as "dregs" because "scum" is a bit too gross-sounding for me. :|

But what happens when someone asks him about these dregs in an interview? )

Oh, Mr. Hirasawa.
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2011-04-22 02:13 pm

Twitter in Translation - Vegetarian Edition

As you probably know, Mr. Hirasawa prefers a healthy, vegetarian diet. He tweets about food a lot, too.

First, let's find out WHY he's a vegetarian: Read more... )

Mr. Hirasawa also has his own terminology for his meals (naturally), such as 高品位粗食, which I will translate as "High-quality Simple Meal." Read more... )

How do other people react to Mr. Hirasawa's eating habits? Read more... )

Now in case you're not bored yet, here is a short selection of various meal-related tweets: Read more... )

I suspect one reason he loves Thailand is the food, though:Read more... )

Oh man, that sounds delicious...

Incidentally, he also seems to like herbal tisanes, especially ginger tea (which is really yummy and quite invigorating!). Not sure if he drinks regular tea, as I haven't found any tweets about it yet, haha. Read more... )

At any rate, for a while there he was reporting quite regularly about what he was eating and drinking. Keep this in mind, because in a future post you will see how he then uses this fact to play mindgames with his readers... ;)
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2011-04-17 01:32 pm

Twitter in Translation - Transgender Edition

General Hirasawa Vocabulary Notes:

- あんどう蒼 = Andou Soh = a Japanese author with a good sense of observation and a wicked sense of humor. She is also very open about her life as a male-to-female transgender woman. She seems to be a friend of Mr. Hirasawa and he reviewed a book of hers on his blog. He imitates her mannerisms and emoticons on Twitter a lot and usually writes "(c) Andou Soh" afterwards. :D (Ms. Andou has her own blog here.)

- "SP-2" = Hirasawa's abbreviation of a Thai word for male-to-female transgender people.

- "New half" = a Japanese term for male-to-female transgender people, along the lines of "ladyboy" in other countries. You can find "New Half Bars" in big Japanese cities and whatnot. Not that I would know, um.

- "MTF" = Male-to-female

- "GID" = Gender Identity Disorder

- "馬の骨" = uma no hone = horse bone = person of doubtful origin, nobody = what Hirasawa calls his fans. I can't make up my mind how to best translate this, but I think I'll go with "horse bones" since he occasionally makes bone-related jokes. But whenever you see "horse bones" here, just remember that it is mildly insulting. XD

Now, a few SP-2 and New Half-related tweets! )

8 Nov. 2009, while working on the remake of "Solid Air," he tweeted the following anecdote:
About the 1980s and his ankles. )

Even young Mr. Hirasawa magically attracts MTF transgender people. I believe this is a magic power at this point.
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2011-04-15 02:38 pm

Twitter in Translation

As suggested by [ profile] picturesmcgee in my last survey, I am going to translate a few of Mr. Hirasawa's tweets here. He uses Twitter to report on both mundane things like his bathtime ritual (...yes) and serious things like his work or current events. And of course he uses it to maintain his weirdly tsundere persona by lovingly abusing his fans. ;)

So first I'll go back in the archives and select interesting/amusing tweets, which I'll post by topic/theme as the mood strikes me. Once we've exhausted old tweets I'll start rounding up interesting recent tweets. Sound good? (The standard disclaimer still applies: these are just my interpretations of his tweets and may contain mistakes!)

So to get things started, here is a typical Hirasawa tweet:

声を大にしてつぶやいてやる Sun Oct. 4, 2009

"I'll tweet at you in a loud voice."

...err, the joke is that the Japanese word for "tweet" is the same as "whisper." Um. Yeah.


For the first thematic selection, I'd like to share his tweets about a fan letter he received:Read more... )


We find out what he did with the letter in several tweets the next day (Wed Oct 7 2009):Read more... )


So what have we learned just from these tweets?

(1) Hirasawa receives and reads English fan letters.
(2) Hirasawa is weird.
(3) Hirasawa is worried that his fans are generally too fat.
(4) Hirasawa is adorable.

And now: WHO WROTE THAT FAN LETTER? If it's someone from the LJ comm that would be awesome. XD Apparently the author has been found. Amazing. :)