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2011-08-26 02:49 pm

平沢進 - 「ニグレド(黒化)」 / Hirasawa Susumu - "Nigredo (Blackening)"

As I mentioned here, nigredo is the first step for creating the philosopher's stone--a source of enlightenment, basically--in alchemy, but the concept has been applied to spiritual/psychological development as well.

To quote from this random website:
Psychologically, nigredo is a process of directing oneself to find self-knowledge. A problem is given full attention and reduced to its core. This is not done so much in an intellectual way, but especially by feeling the emotions. By really going into . . . it, one causes . . . the decomposition of that in which one had been stuck. The confrontation with the inner reality is often painful, and can lead to depression. But once in the depth of the darkness, with the discovery of the seed of the problem . . . the white light is born (= albedo, whiteness, the next phase). A state of rest arises.

Now, on to the song!

平沢進 - 「ニグレド(黒化)」
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Hirasawa Susumu - "Nigredo (Blackening)"
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- Interestingly enough, these lyrics have a lot in common with the lyrics of "In the Square," a much earlier song.