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This journal is dedicated to Japanese musician Hirasawa Susumu (平沢進) and his various music projects, including P-Model. As there are not that many English translations of Mr. Hirasawa's fascinating lyrics, I am posting my own attempts at translating them here. You will also find some summaries/translations of other Hirasawa-related materials.

Please read the FAQ if you have any questions. Use the TAGS to find song lyrics and other translations more easily.


Date: 12 September 2013 06:30 (UTC)
kuraism: iconed by: <lj user=nattygism> (WHAAAAAAAAAAT)
From: [personal profile] kuraism
Man, this is, like, the utmost fantastic find. I'm saddened, though; is this place officially silent due to overwhelming life issues, or has it been forgotten?

Regardless, it's been a chore to find Susumu lyrics in English, and I'm grateful for the effort that has been put into this journal. <3