Date: 26 November 2011 16:16 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hi, Greetings from China. I'm Cano, if you still remember, one guy you have met in greenchat for one or two times in this spring.

100度も夢に見る街で 人が立ち止まるよ
音がして海のなお深く かすか呼ぶよキミは
高く飛ぶ鳥さえ聞けない 風に塔は騒ぎ
古の空のなお高く 今も呼ぶよキミは

Obviously there is some relation between these.
I my humble opinion, it may be like this. Not strictly translating, just trying to express my understanding.

Even in the most familiar street/town of our/your everyday life,
the song can be noticed, when people come to a temporary halt.
Deeper than the ocean, heard is the sound of the song.

Even beyond the reachable height of flying creatures(i.e., any creature),
the song is found mixed with the blowing of wind(not knowing suitable words, hm).
Higher than the sky, heard is the sound of the song.
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