17 May 2011

phonon_belt: (Hirasawa - Cookie)
Today I nearly lost it when I was reading Twitter. You may recall that I translated some old tweets by Mr. Hirasawa about his vegetarian diet and the names he gives his meals. TODAY HE TWEETED ABOUT HIS FOOD SPECIFICALLY FOR NON-JAPANESE READERS. I thought I'd share, as it's already quite thrilling to be mocked as a regular "horse bone/nobody" on his Twitter and rather rare to be lovingly mocked as a foreign fan.♥

The first tweets are written in only hiragana (instead of the usual mix of various kana and kanji that's typical for Japanese). You can see it in the quotations below, but this makes the text look very simple, like that of a children's book or the intro lessons of a beginning Japanese class. He also uses a different greeting from his usual "Good day," so everything is slightly off.

He writes: Read more... )

At least he's being productive. And that mysterious side of him only improves his reputation as an artist, I guarantee it. :)