2 May 2011

phonon_belt: (Hirasawa - Cookie)
Below is a translation of a blog post that's part of a longer series about events that happened in Thailand, and I will try to translate or summarize them in the future. This is the first part. It's interesting because it deals with issues of sexuality and takes the form of a dialog between Mr. Hirasawa and an American friend of his.

The only Hirasawa Vocabulary you might need to know this time is Kathoey, which is one Thai word for male-to-female transgender people. Mr. Hirasawa now uses different words (like "SP-2") for them, but this was back in 2003 when he still used "Kathoey." The reason for the change will be translated another day. ;)

Now on to the translation!

Dagonfai in the Gallows: Phase-1
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Standard disclaimer: any inaccuracies in the translation are entirely my fault. Weird vocabulary is sometimes Mr. Hirasawa's fault, though in the end it's my problem that I can't always figure out what he's saying.