26 April 2011

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Last time on "Twitter in Translation," we learned that Mr. Hirasawa's simple meals are (for some reason) sometimes jokingly referred to as "kasu," which I've been translating as "dregs" because "scum" is a bit too gross-sounding for me. :|

But what happens when someone asks him about these dregs in an interview? )

Oh, Mr. Hirasawa.
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Since I keep talking about it, I thought I'd post this song, too. This is my ultimate favorite in the "Weird Sort-of Love Songs...IN SPACE!" category. I mean, just listen to that glorious guitar. And those beautiful, gentle vocals. And the lyrics. The lyrics, man. As always, I can't do them justice.

平沢進 - "VENUS"

Japanese lyrics. )

Romaji lyrics. )

Hirasawa Susumu - "Venus"
My English translation. )

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