22 April 2011

phonon_belt: (Hirasawa - Cookie)
As you probably know, Mr. Hirasawa prefers a healthy, vegetarian diet. He tweets about food a lot, too.

First, let's find out WHY he's a vegetarian: Read more... )

Mr. Hirasawa also has his own terminology for his meals (naturally), such as 高品位粗食, which I will translate as "High-quality Simple Meal." Read more... )

How do other people react to Mr. Hirasawa's eating habits? Read more... )

Now in case you're not bored yet, here is a short selection of various meal-related tweets: Read more... )

I suspect one reason he loves Thailand is the food, though:Read more... )

Oh man, that sounds delicious...

Incidentally, he also seems to like herbal tisanes, especially ginger tea (which is really yummy and quite invigorating!). Not sure if he drinks regular tea, as I haven't found any tweets about it yet, haha. Read more... )

At any rate, for a while there he was reporting quite regularly about what he was eating and drinking. Keep this in mind, because in a future post you will see how he then uses this fact to play mindgames with his readers... ;)