19 April 2011

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This song feels like a Hirasawa-style lullaby. (...um.) I love all the fun electro sound effects bouncing along over and under the piano.♥ It's really a nice little gem of a song even if it is about the joys of satellite radio AGAIN.

P-Model - "Moon Plant-II"
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P-Model - "Moon Plant-II"
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Mr. Hirasawa's sporadically updated "Phantom Notes" blog is an interesting place. I won't even try translating more than a tiny percent of it simply because it's too much work (even though the archives as far as I can tell go back to "only" 2003). Still, I am going to try to pick out interesting things from it now and then and translate or summarize them here. Hence these entries will be called "Phantom Notes Notes" or "PNN." :D

Today's PNN features two key bits of important Hirasawa vocabulary:

1. Theta and Beta: Read more... )

2. U-Turn Commute: Read more... )