17 April 2011

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This song...I don't know why, but this song almost makes me want to cry every time I hear it. But I feel this way about most P-Model/Hirasawa songs that fall into the "Weird Sort-of Love Songs...IN SPACE!" category. (Yes, that is a legitimate category for me.)

P-Model - "Layer-Green"
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P-Model - "Layer-Green"
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General Hirasawa Vocabulary Notes:

- あんどう蒼 = Andou Soh = a Japanese author with a good sense of observation and a wicked sense of humor. She is also very open about her life as a male-to-female transgender woman. She seems to be a friend of Mr. Hirasawa and he reviewed a book of hers on his blog. He imitates her mannerisms and emoticons on Twitter a lot and usually writes "(c) Andou Soh" afterwards. :D (Ms. Andou has her own blog here.)

- "SP-2" = Hirasawa's abbreviation of a Thai word for male-to-female transgender people.

- "New half" = a Japanese term for male-to-female transgender people, along the lines of "ladyboy" in other countries. You can find "New Half Bars" in big Japanese cities and whatnot. Not that I would know, um.

- "MTF" = Male-to-female

- "GID" = Gender Identity Disorder

- "馬の骨" = uma no hone = horse bone = person of doubtful origin, nobody = what Hirasawa calls his fans. I can't make up my mind how to best translate this, but I think I'll go with "horse bones" since he occasionally makes bone-related jokes. But whenever you see "horse bones" here, just remember that it is mildly insulting. XD

Now, a few SP-2 and New Half-related tweets! )

8 Nov. 2009, while working on the remake of "Solid Air," he tweeted the following anecdote:
About the 1980s and his ankles. )

Even young Mr. Hirasawa magically attracts MTF transgender people. I believe this is a magic power at this point.