16 April 2011

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So I finally got around to acquiring the digital re-issue of the Music Industrial Wastes book celebrating 20 years of P-model and 10 years of Hirasawa solo works. (You can buy a legitimate downloadable version here!) It includes, among other things, an "unauthorized glossary" of terms that pop up in P-Model and Hirasawa songs, and a separate glossary of Amiga computer terminology that also happens to appear in these songs. And then there are all the interviews/articles in the book, too. Oh man, so much delicious material! Yet no time to read it.

So don't be surprised if you go back to an old translation and find it's changed a bit. I try to update them as new information (or vocabulary, haha) comes to me. ^^

I am also slowly adding romaji to the translations I posted previously. Slowly.
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This is a simple yet beautiful song. It was the opening song for a Playstation game called "Lagnacure Legend"--don't know if there's an official English translation kicking around for this. Anyway, the song was not released on any of Mr. Hirasawa's regular albums, but he offers an mp3 version for sale on his website for 300 yen. I believe this is a remix (?) he did using his solar energy-powered studio, so I'm just going to file this under "Hirasawa Energy Works" for the album tag. ^^;

平沢進 - "星を知る者"
Japanese lyrics )

Hirasawa Susumu - "Hoshi o Shiru Mono"
Romaji lyrics )

Hirasawa Susumu - "The Man Who Knows the Stars"
My English translation. )