15 April 2011

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As suggested by [livejournal.com profile] picturesmcgee in my last survey, I am going to translate a few of Mr. Hirasawa's tweets here. He uses Twitter to report on both mundane things like his bathtime ritual (...yes) and serious things like his work or current events. And of course he uses it to maintain his weirdly tsundere persona by lovingly abusing his fans. ;)

So first I'll go back in the archives and select interesting/amusing tweets, which I'll post by topic/theme as the mood strikes me. Once we've exhausted old tweets I'll start rounding up interesting recent tweets. Sound good? (The standard disclaimer still applies: these are just my interpretations of his tweets and may contain mistakes!)

So to get things started, here is a typical Hirasawa tweet:

声を大にしてつぶやいてやる Sun Oct. 4, 2009

"I'll tweet at you in a loud voice."

...err, the joke is that the Japanese word for "tweet" is the same as "whisper." Um. Yeah.


For the first thematic selection, I'd like to share his tweets about a fan letter he received:Read more... )


We find out what he did with the letter in several tweets the next day (Wed Oct 7 2009):Read more... )


So what have we learned just from these tweets?

(1) Hirasawa receives and reads English fan letters.
(2) Hirasawa is weird.
(3) Hirasawa is worried that his fans are generally too fat.
(4) Hirasawa is adorable.

And now: WHO WROTE THAT FAN LETTER? If it's someone from the LJ comm that would be awesome. XD Apparently the author has been found. Amazing. :)