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平沢進 -「石の庭」

思い出している 鳥に生まれて
思い出している 無敵の羽根を


思い出している 水に生まれて
思い出している 奇跡の波を

漕げよと 飛沫 上げた日

ラーラララー ラーラーラーラー
ラーラララー ラーラーラーラー

思い出している 山と聳えて
思い出している ミクロの砂を

怒れる あの稲妻に嫁いだ

ラーラララー ラーラーラーラー
ラーラララー ラーラーラーラー…

Hirasawa Susumu - "Ishi no Niwa"

Omoidashite iru tori ni umarete
Omoidashite iru muteki no hane o

Seinaru hi no erumo no you ni moe
Yuke yo to sora ni toketa ano hi o

Omoidashite iru mizu ni umarete
Omoidashite iru kiseki no nami o

Haruka na nobe ni wa minoru shima e to
Koge yo to shibuki ageta hi

Raarararaa raaraaraaraaa
Raarararaa raaraaraaraaa
Ishi no niwa de

Omoidashite iru yama to sobiete
Omoidashite iru mikuro no suna o

Ikareru ano inazuma ni totsuida
Minore to ame o furasu hi

Raarararaa raaraaraaraaa
Raarararaa raaraaraaraaa…
Ishi no niwa de

Hirasawa Susumu - "Stone Garden"

I remember them   As I'm born as a bird*
I remember   My invincible wings

That day when I melted away into the sky
Burning like St. Elmo's sacred fire

I remember them   As I'm born in water
I remember   The waves of wonder

That day when I paddled with a splash
Towards the distant island with ripe fields**

Laalalalaa   Laalaalaalaa
Laalalalaa   Laalaalaalaa
In the stone garden

I remember them   As I tower beside the mountains
I remember   The microscopic sands

That day I married that raging lightning***
And sent down the rains so that they would bear fruit

Laalalalaa   Laalaalaalaa
Laalalalaa   Laalaalaalaa
In the stone garden

Translation Notes:
* The words are the same--"I remember"--in the original Japanese, but the sense of recalling something at the time of (or due to) being born gets lost without throughing in "them" and "as" in the first line. It's not as nicely symmetric as the original, sadly. I hope I get the point across.

** Not entirely sure about the grammar of the original on this line, so this is my guess.

*** Not sure if it's the speaker who married the lightning. Could potentially be the rain that's one with the lightning. But I think the image is of the mountain and the lightning coming together to bring rain to the dry sands, so I stuck with the first-person point of view.