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Just a short Twitter translation for now:

13 Oct. 2009:
One hour left until I'll go to the pharmacy on Mt. Tsukuba to buy some vitamin C. What do you all have to do in an hour? I don't actually want to know, though.

Oh, well, I don't have anything all that exciting waiting for me in an hour, so I guess it doesn't matter that you don't want to hear about it, Mr. Hirasawa. ^^; Enjoy your shopping trip in an hour.

In feinting that I am leaving in "one hour" when in fact I am heading out at this very moment, I behold my own greatness. Please behold it as well.

W-w-wait, you're leaving NOW? Not fair, sneaking out like that!
Indeed, I behold the greatness of Trollosawa.

And the part where I come back home is AWESOME, too.

...I'm sure it is, I'm sure it is. XD
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