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2011-05-04 07:44 pm

"Phantom Notes" Note: Dagonfai in the Gallows 3

Here is part 3 of the "Dagonfai in the Gallows" series of blog posts. (Part 2 is here.) Mr. Hirasawa regales us with a tale of what happens when three Kathoey fuss over him at dinner. YOU KNOW HE LOVES IT.

Dagonfai in the Gallows: Phase-3
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So clever, there, at the end. But: THIS MAN IS OFFICIALLY A TEASE.
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2011-05-03 04:31 pm

"Phantom Notes" Note: Dagonfai in the Gallows 2

Here is Part 2 of "Dagonfai in the Gallows" (part 1 is here). This one is fun as it hints at the sort of lifestyle Mr. Hirasawa enjoys in Thailand and offers insights into the culture of the Kathoey. It also provides the answer to my longstanding question of "Does Hirasawa drink anything other than herbal teas?"

Dagonfai in the Gallows: Phase-2
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* Sawatdee kaa = "Hello" in Thai (for female speakers).

** I can no longer find a website for Simon Chiang Mai, but if you take a look at Youtube, you will find a lot of tourist videos of the shows and performers. ;)
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2011-05-02 10:02 am

"Phantom Notes" Note: Dagonfai in the Gallows 1

Below is a translation of a blog post that's part of a longer series about events that happened in Thailand, and I will try to translate or summarize them in the future. This is the first part. It's interesting because it deals with issues of sexuality and takes the form of a dialog between Mr. Hirasawa and an American friend of his.

The only Hirasawa Vocabulary you might need to know this time is Kathoey, which is one Thai word for male-to-female transgender people. Mr. Hirasawa now uses different words (like "SP-2") for them, but this was back in 2003 when he still used "Kathoey." The reason for the change will be translated another day. ;)

Now on to the translation!

Dagonfai in the Gallows: Phase-1
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Standard disclaimer: any inaccuracies in the translation are entirely my fault. Weird vocabulary is sometimes Mr. Hirasawa's fault, though in the end it's my problem that I can't always figure out what he's saying.
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2011-04-19 06:23 pm

"Phantom Notes" Notes: Theta/Beta and U-Turn Commute

Mr. Hirasawa's sporadically updated "Phantom Notes" blog is an interesting place. I won't even try translating more than a tiny percent of it simply because it's too much work (even though the archives as far as I can tell go back to "only" 2003). Still, I am going to try to pick out interesting things from it now and then and translate or summarize them here. Hence these entries will be called "Phantom Notes Notes" or "PNN." :D

Today's PNN features two key bits of important Hirasawa vocabulary:

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