5 November 2011

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Despite the title, this song is NOT about the legendary Bigfoot. (Though Mr. Hirasawa said in the Music Industrial Wastes: P-Model Side book that he doesn't mind at all if you think the album is about a Yeti.)

It's hard to say what this song is actually about, though. (I think I'll eventually translate a description of the album Big Body that I found helpful.) The overall concept seems to be about the interconnectedness of humans and technology, so in that context, a lot of the words in this song (like "stack") relate to computer programming.

My personal image of the song is actually that a computer component or program is singing to the computer user. The computer or program is shuffling data around as fast as possible, adding things to the stack (which is like a stock of data) and making things happen without actually engaging in any physical movement. It rests when there's no operation to carry out. And it can hear the user's commands, though maybe the user is a mythical being, something people think exists and no one can prove--kinda like Bigfoot. ;)

P-Model - "Big Foot"
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P-Model - "Big Foot"
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