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Mr. Hirasawa will on occasion use Twitter to recommend a friend's album or business or whatever. And sometimes he will talk about other members of P-Model.

And sometimes this is the result:

Feb. 11, 2010:

Taking a short break. Going to go listen to some Black Sabbath at Shinjuku Submarine.

And after that I'll go calm down Tanaka, who's flipping out completely at the employees of Harajuku DJ Stone.

And after that I'll go stop Tainaka from opening up a figurine shop with no prospects for the future.

And after that I'll go help Akiyama, who's putting packing tape over the cracks on his door.

Alright. I...I think I'm not going to ask for details.

Aah, it never ends.

So much for taking a "short" break, eh?

And after that I'll go to Si Lom and set fire to the tourist agency run by an Old Drunken Japanese Man (that's a term of art) who treats the natives like slaves.

Going all the way to Thailand on your break? Please don't get arrested.

My fire-setting tools have fallen dreadfully low. What am I doing setting fire to old drunk men? Back in the day I used to set fire to art museums!

HAHA, clever reference to the ancient P-Model song "美術館で会った人だろ(Art Mania)" aka "You're the One I Met in the Art Museum (Art Mania)" aka that song where a young, wide-eyed, little Hirasawa sings "I'll set fire to the art museum!" but okay. I laughed.

Hey, laddie, listen to this. I said "I'll set fire to the art museum" and then the RIAJ flew at me all white with rage!

OH HO HO. The recording industry takes another hit!
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