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Today I'd like to present you translations of a selection of legendary tweets connecting Mr. Hirasawa to the character Hirasawa Yui from the manga/anime K-On!. (Incidentally, the characters in K-On! have last names derived from those of P-Model members and other musicians.) This Twitter incident also serves as a prime example of TsunderesawaHirasawa's (supposed) love/hate relationship with Twitter.

26 Oct. 2009:

I'm not writing anything of value, so why do I have 3,280 followers? Hey.

Are you sure you haven't made a mistake? I am Hirasawa Susumu. I am not Hirasawa Yui.

Oh hey, I've passed 4,000 followers. What a terrible joke. Just leave me alone.

Is it because I wrote "Hirasawa Yui"? If so, I'm sorry, you're in the wrong place. Lemme try writing it again: Hirasawa Yui. Pitiful...

No, that's wrooonnnnggg!!! I'm not like that!!!

Hirasawa then tries another approach:

Hirasawa Susumu is hard to understand, mean, and hateful. Not the man you're expecting. Now do an about-face!

Don't look at meeee!!! (c) Andoh Sou

Stop increasiiiiing!!

Please leave me alone.

Because Hirasawa Susumu is the type people describe as "Whaaaat? This music is disgusting." Because I'm not cute.

Because you'll lose friends.

Realizing that the self-deprecating approach might be getting old, he switches strategies again:

Okay, I will most humbly express my sincere regret that I accidentally lead many of you to the wrong place by writing "Hirasawa Yui."

Again, I apologize most humbly.

Let's see if this will get the numbers to drop: "Hirasawa Susumu."

The next day:

3000 more followers overnight? This is a nightmare.

Haha! The fact that his name was the source material for Hirasawa Yui and/or the fact that his tweets about Hirasawa Yui inspired people to make stories, comics, etc. about Mr. Hirasawa discovering he actually has (2D OR NOT 2D!) children in an anime led to the following tweet:

8 Nov. 2009:
I'm leading a life where I'm referred to as the 'source material.' That is not my fault.

For some reason I am most amused by his warning that if you follow him on Twitter you'll lose friends. What.

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Date: 26 May 2011 20:18 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Because Hirasawa Susumu is the type people describe as "Whaaaat? This music is disgusting." Because I'm not cute."

What. Actually, as I don't understand japanese, I can't go and find the opinion of the japanese people about that artist or any other, I guess I'm lost with my free and natural point of vue then.
But I'd be glad to have more articles about Hirasawa Susumu's popularity in Japan, how his music is generally seen, to whom he's compared, etc.