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Last time on "Twitter in Translation," we learned that Mr. Hirasawa's simple meals are (for some reason) sometimes jokingly referred to as "kasu," which I've been translating as "dregs" because "scum" is a bit too gross-sounding for me. :|

20 Nov 2009:
Yesterday an interviewer told me, "You eat stuff that looks like dregs, don't you, Mr. Hirasawa." "Dregs!!" Delightful!! You people in the [music] industry, when you come to see Hirasawa backstage, please bring me some "dregs." "Dregs," please.

I mean, the industry itself is "dregs."

Yep, he just declared the entire music industry to be scum. OH SNAP.

You horse bones who are better than scum, I may be digging my own grave. I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

I mean, I'm practically living in a hole in the ground. Today I'll take a snapshot of my work environment. That's where I'll start. When that's done, I'll eat "dregs." In my hole in the ground.

Well then, I completed my self-portrait photography of my work environment, so now I will eat "dregs." "Dregs." Yes, "dregs."

Ah, that's right, I'll go eat my "dregs" now.

As long as his "horse bone" fans are better than scum, then all is alright in the world, I guess. Still, he certainly sounds a bit out of sorts. BUT WAIT--

Basic Notice: It's not like I've actually snapped. I'm just playin'.

Basic Entry-Level Guidance: The interviewer from yesterday is not someone from the music industry. It was a horse bone. To elaborate, it's someone who was in a band with me while I was a student in Hokkaido. That's a lie, though.

Oh okay, so he's just messing with people, sure, hahaha, funny guy, that Hirasawa.

I wouldn't play around like this if it had been someone from the industry. If you piss off someone in the industry, they'll do things like placing cannabis in the back seat of your car.
Headlines like "Anti-Establishment Rock Singer Busted for Weed Possession" pop out then. Uh-oh. This doesn't sound good.

All you people in the industry, I'm sorry if I've offended you. But even though you told me "we'll erase you from this industry!" you weren't really able to erase me after all. So I vanished on my own.

But now the entire industry seems about to vanish, doesn't it.

Please disappear. Ah, Kangen Shugi, Kangen Shugi.

If that's not some bitterness right there, I don't know what it is. I guess going back through his music in the course of the remakes he did during his "Kangen Shugi" project dredged up some less than pleasant memories. (Though to be frank, the mainstream music industry does sound pretty awful.)

28 Nov 2009:

Come to think of it, that interviewer from the other day totally forgot to ask what the menu for my High-quality Simple Meal (aka "dregs") was going to be.

Oh, Mr. Hirasawa.
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